Wednesday, August 16, 2006

FlyUSA Club


As a pilot, I get to meet a lot of really cool people, and be a part of a lot of really awesome groups. I wanted to tell you about a group that I just joined. It's called the FlyUSA Club.

I'm always looking for ways to improve myself and my flying skills. I think that anybody who wants to be a better pilot should seek to learn the most that they can from the best sources. You never know which nugget of wisdom you'll pick up when you find programs to educate yourself.

FlyUSA is a program that gives you a lot of great tools that you can use to make yourself a better pilot. Here's what you get when you join the FlyUSA Club:

Informative Online presentations that are packed with exactly what you need to know to succeed and save money in your flight training!

-How much does it really cost to learn to fly?
-Where to get financial aid for training
-What is part 61 and part 141?
-Tips on how to control cost
-What can you do as a pilot
-What will you do in your training?
-Why will this help make your life good!
-Career options, there are more than you think
-The training vs. income time line - very important!
-Your aviation medical certificate - very important!
-What about college and aviation careers?
-Flight Training Financial Aid
-All about student loans
-You and your credit
-How to qualify?
-Where to go for more information
-And a whole lot more!

You also get member only access to the FlyUSA forum in their Pilot Forums for help in locating a flight school and help while in training!

Click here to get access now:
Pilot Journey

Plus, one of the coolest things in my opinion - you get a FlyUSA member number that you can use for discounts on Pilot Supplies and products at some online stores like Budget Pilot, Velocity Design and others! This alone is worth the price of admission!

But unlike most things in aviation that might be a little on the expensive side, one of the great things about FlyUSA is that for all that you get - it costs a lot less than you might think!

I personally checked out the FlyUSA program for you to make sure that it was the 'real deal'.

Now is the time to get in on this unbelievable deal before these guys realize that they are practically giving this membership away!

Go here right now to improve yourself as a pilot:
FlyUSA Club

Blue Skies,


PS- I was so excited to find out about this program because I'm always looking for the best ways to make myself a better pilot.
Click here and become a member now!


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